Dear Volvo-enthusiast,

Volvodrive Magazine presents the third edition of Volvodrive Treffen on 21 May 2018 (Second Whit Monday). As in previous years, Volvodrive Treffen is accessible free of charge to all visitors, even those who do not (yet) own a Volvo. It is a truly international event, designed for all Volvo-drivers, owning everything from classic and youngtimers to customized Volvo’s, all the way up to recent models. We gather at the lush Aquabest leisure park, located along the A2 motorway in Best near Eindhoven. 

The two previous editions of Volvodrive Treffen were an unprecedented success. In 2018, we will continue this tradition and make every effort to make Volvodrive Treffen a success for young and old this year.

Collect all R’s!
For edition 2018 we try to get as many models from the R-series as possible to Best. Owners of 850 T-5R, 850R, S60R, S70R or V70R in all variations are welcome. In addition to these fast versions, the R-editions also get an honourable spot on this day. Do you know someone with an R or a beautiful R-Edition? Invite him or her to come to the Volvodrive Treffen on 21 May 2018. 

Unique Volvo’s
This year, as in previous years, we have managed to collect a vast number of unique Volvo’s that we present on the’ Volvo-square’. We also have a line-up with the latest Volvo-models, including the new XC40. 

Whatever Volvo you own, as a proud owner you do everything you can to take care of your car in the best possible way. That’s why this edition is all about Auto-care. We present various car care demonstrations, dent without spraying and show you how to polish your weathered headlights. Of course there are various suppliers of cleaning products present and it is up to you which car-care product suits you best. 

Volvo-market and stalls
A vibrant car market where you can offer your Volvo or stroll and look for your most wanted car is a nice new addition acquisition for Volvodrive Treffen. It doesn’t matter what state your car is in, whether it’s old or new... the only thing that counts is that it must be a Volvo. With so many visitors we offer you a huge potential buyers group for your Volvo. Check our website in due course to see how you can sign up for the Volvo-market. 

Furthermore, we have numerous market stalls that have spread acroos the Aquabest site with a wide choice of accessories, new and second-hand ‘clean’ parts, books, miniatures, brochures, Volvo-miniatures and much more. Volvodrive Magazine’s booth features a host of interesting offers and Volvo-clubs and associations present themselves from their best side. 

Previous editions we welcomed no less than 2.250 visitors from all over Europe so in short, the third edition of Volvodrive Treffen promises to be another big and colourful Volvo-party. You are coming, right?

in deze editie

De maand september is in zicht en dat betekent dat we binnenkort de 45e uitgave van Volvodrive Magazine tegemoet kunnen zien. Dit keer siert de V60 R-Design de cover van ons blad en hebben we wederom diverse interessante onderwerpen zoals een test met publiekslieveling de XC60, die wij als D4 reden. Onbeschaamd strepen trekken met de 242 GT en brachten we een bezoek aan Goodwood waar de Polestar 1 zijn opwachting maakte. Verder de strijd tegen het afval tijdens de laatst gehouden Ocean Race en het VROM-weekend in Göteborg. Gerechtigheid voor de 440 en de C30 van Monika Mehlmann en veel ander Volvo-nieuws.